Blog Post Ideas – Printable Sheet

Just a slightly formalised list for keeping track of my blog post ideas.

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It has a space for the idea, and then three check boxes for marking when the post has been written, when images have been organised and when it’s finally uploaded / posted.

At the top are five prompts that I find can help with generating new ideas.

Download Blog Post Ideas sheet, PDF A5

The PDF contains four pages in A5 size and are meant to be printed back to back (there’s a margin allowance for punching or binding). The first set of two pages are a back to back set with the prompts at the top of the first page. The second set of pages are a back to back set without the prompts.

Ideas Capture Printable Organiser Page

My planner was starting to look like a disorganised mess of post-it notes, slips of paper and messy note pages. Each one contained a snippet of information I wanted to recall later – an idea, a quote I liked, random subject matter to Google, phone numbers, a website to visit …

In an effort to try and corral everything in a more organised manner I came up with these Idea Capture pages. They’re only really simple, 8 blank boxes on each page, but sometimes it’s the simple stuff that works best 🙂


Download Paperbased Idea Capture, PDF, A5 size

The document has two pages with the margin on alternate edges so that they can be printed back to back and allow room for hole-punching or binding.


Weekly Family Planner Printable Sheet

After trying a number of different diary / planner layouts, this is the format our family has been using the last few months. It has a week to a page, with a space for each family member. It’s nothing fancy, but I’ve put it up here in case you find it useful.

Download PDF: Family Calendar Planner Week A4

Here is the previous iteration too, this one is just a simple two weeks to a page.

Download PDF: Calendar Planner Fortnight A4

Just print on to A4 paper, punch holes to fit your binder, write in the applicable dates and you’re ready to go!