Personal Journaling Magazine – Writing About Your Life

Does anyone remember this magazine from around 10 years ago?

Personal Journaling: Writing About Your Life was put out by F&W Publications, who also publish Writer’s Digest┬ámagazine. From what I could find, it ran from around 1999 to 2003. There was a dedicated website, but it’s long gone. You can still find many of the articles on the Writer’s Digest website tagged with “journal” though.

I have six issues from 2002 and 2003. They’re tired, dog-eared and yellowed with age, but still a very active part of my personal journaling library. Each issue covered a range of journaling related topics – such as writing a journal entry as a letter, or using journal writing to help with changing careers, or how to create a journal group. Other topics included family history journals, couple journals, journal prompts and an awesome article entitled “20 Ways to Fill Page One”. The August 2003 issue has a spotlight article on the 1000 Journal Project.

It was a great little magazine, but I guess the niche topic was too small to keep it in print. I was sad when it was no longer available on the newsstand here. Luckily nowadays there are so many journaling related websites and blogs to fill the niche.

I was just curious if anyone else remembered the magazine?

Sunday Six – 7 Oct 2012

Six interesting articles, images or what-nots I’ve come across on the web this week.

  1. a diary. a journal. a record. – I love how the process of keeping a journal is described here, no rhyme or reason, everything thrown in with only a date to organise it all … oh, and morning pages too!
  2. A handmade envelope tutorial – scroll down the article for an image of the most lovely musical envelopes. So simple, but so effective.
  3. Another envelope tutorial, this time for Easy Tiny Envelopes – very similar to the gift envelopes I make.
  4. These pretty mailing labels are lovely – and there’s a free PDF to download so you can print your own.
  5. Some beautiful journal pages I stumbled across, originally posted in 2008.
  6. The List Journal Project with iHanna and Tammy – about the project, plus a beautiful stitched journal page on travel destinations.

A Goldmine of Journal Writing Prompts

Many moons ago I started maintaining a list of online journaling resources on my computer. Over time the list grew and grew and was eventually moved from my computer to a webpage at

It surprised me how popular it became, as it was originally just a list I used myself. But over the years the visitors kept coming and I kept adding more and more resources as I came across them.

So if you’re after some prompts to kickstart a journaling session, or just looking for some fresh ideas and inspiration, please check out A Goldmine of Journal Writing Prompts!