Box 332 Moves House

This week I decided to make some changes.

I’ve had the Box 332 blog over on Blogspot for some time now, but things had stagnated a little … okay, they’d stagnated A LOT! Nothing was happening – no words, no posts, no results.

I also had the lovely domain just sitting here feeling lonely and wishing it had something to do. I had so many ideas for it, but I was already neglecting Box 332 …

Sooooo, it was time for a change. Box 332 was moving house.

All of Box 332’s content (including reader comments) has been moved over to (For those curious about the behind the scenes workings, it’s a move from Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress blog).¬†Over the next few weeks I’ll be updating the Downloads from Box 332 and also adding some new resources. I’m really excited about the fresh start and getting things happening again!

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