Career Path – Listmania Week 4

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The Week 4 Listmania Prompt:

“A life list of jobs you have had – from a newspaper route to babysitting to marketing manager, tour guide to waitress – what have you been up to all these years?”

When I saw this prompt I thought “oh my list is going to be really short and boring” but it was surprising to see it all listed out.

Past Jobs

  • First “real”job – Counter staff at KFC
    Best Bit – Free food on shift breaks!
    Worst Bit – Discovering I was allergic/intolerant to at least one of KFC’s eleven secret herbs and spices. After working there for 18 months I got so sick I had to quit. 20 years later I still can’t eat KFC.
  • Computer Room Assistant at a TAFE College
    Best Bit – Working with computers, helping people complete their assignments.
    Worst Bit – Not many hours.
  • Unemployed University Student
    Best Bit – Lazy afternoons napping in the Botanic Gardens between lectures.
    Worst Bit – Absolutely no income.
  • IT Project Officer at a busy hospital
    Best Bit – Lots of variety in the work, great learning environment.
    Worst Bit – Not knowing if your contract would be renewed every few months (it always was – yay!)
  • Application Developer / Database Administrator at a busy hospital
    Best Bit – I LOVED this job. From when I first saw Matthew Broderick in War Games (I was 10 years old) I wanted to be a computer programmer. And for over a decade I was … actually, I still am.
    Worst Bit – The travel distance from home (the only reason I did not go back to this job after having my son)
  • Stay At Home Mum
    Best Bit – Getting to be a fulltime Mummy.
    Worst Bit – Climbing the walls because there were no other adults to talk to. I also found I really lost my identity for a while, I hadn’t realised how much of my identity was tied up in what I did for a living. For years I’d identified myself as a Programmer, or a Developer/DBA, but suddenly I wasn’t.
  • Gym Childcare
    Best Bit – Taking my son to work with me, working for a wonderful friend, playing games with little kids for a few hours.
    Worst Bit – Having to ring in an hour before you started to see if you were needed that day.

Current Jobs

  • Freelance Developer / Database Administrator / Blog Support etc
    Best Bit – Working for myself, I’m my own boss.
    Worst Bit – Working for myself, I’m my own boss 😛
  • Library Officer
    Best Bit – Have wanted to work in a library for even longer than I wanted to be a programmer, so this new career path is very exciting. Loving how much I’m able to use my existing tech skills too.
    Worst Bit – Love the job, but trying to juggle my shifts with childcare is incredibly stressful. It will all be worth it in the end though 🙂

Your turn?


5 thoughts on “Career Path – Listmania Week 4

    • I work with the reference team at the moment, doing things like fielding general enquiries, helping with local history queries and using my IT skills to help customers with their eReaders. It’s great fun! Studying to become a qualified Library Technician and will see where that takes me.

      I feel really fortunate to have been able to pursue careers in two of my areas of passion now.

  1. I so get the climbing the walls as there are no other adults to talk to. I train the managers at KFC (Cert 1V in Retail Management) You have given me a great class room story. xxx Rae

    • Ha ha! Yeah, I was so disappointed when I had to resign from KFC. We got lots of hours and it was great pocket money for a student. I should point out that it’s not just KFC I can’t eat so I don’t hold a grudge or anything 😉 In fact by working there and getting so sick it highlighted my intolerance and made it easier to diagnose, otherwise it would have just kept making me feel bad in a general kind of way and may never have been picked up.

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