Crushes Then and Now – Listmania Week 3

Ooh where do I start …

Most embarrassing first!
Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block … my first serious celebrity crush. I was 13, he was 2 years older, NKOTB were all over the radio and I thought he was it and a bit.
Such a huge fan that – see that doll on the left? I still have one! Happy to report that I’ve since grown out of this crush and my Joey doll now hangs out with my son’s Action Man.
Then Now
Jon Bon Jovi
Brian Molko from Placebo
Robert Smith from The Cure
Robert Smith – still love him and his work!
Harrison Ford
Daniel Craig – Love his 007.
Michael J Fox
Nathan Fillion – Loved him in FireFly

To be honest, most of my “Then” crushes are still “Now” crushes 😉

Your turn?

[Disclaimer: I do not own any of the celebrity images in this post, they were found on various fan sites.]

5 thoughts on “Crushes Then and Now – Listmania Week 3

    • Snap! I just commented on your blog about Two Guys, A Girl and Nathan Fillion (and Ryan Reynolds) 😉

      I really don’t know how my parents survived my NKOTB phase.

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