Favourite Thrift Shop

My absolute favourite thrift shop in Ipswich is the Hospice Bargain Centre on Brisbane Street at the Top of Town. Not that the other thrift shops in the area aren’t on my top ten list, it’s just that for some reason the majority of my cool finds seem to come from the Hospice store.

Now my idea of a cool find isn’t an amazingly valuable vintage item hiding behind a 50 cent price tag. No, my idea of a cool find is a bundle of old postcards, an ancient board game with half the cards missing, outdated office supplies straight from the 1970’s, bits and pieces of ephemera tucked in a yellowing plastic bag, books with torn covers and interesting pages – oh, and of course my awesome writing compendium.

The best bit about this thrift store is that there’s a whole separate book shop right next door. All sorts of wonderful images and words lurking behind musty old covers in there. I’m pretty sure given the chance I could spend a whole morning in there fossicking.

I didn’t have quite that long on today’s visit, but came out with three great books for my son. One’s a large hardback book full of craft projects. He’s already scheming on how to get Mum to organise supplies for the potato printing project for him.

In the past I’ve come out with various other cool kids titles for him, as well as some very tired and worn out volumes destined for re-use in craft projects, journal pages and envelope creation and decoration. These included out of date road atlases, large coffee table books full of glossy photographs, orphaned¬†encyclopaedia¬†volumes and more magazines than I can recall.

  • So do you have a favourite local thrift shop you like to frequent?
  • What kinds of treasures do you seek?
  • How do you use your finds in your journaling or mail art?
  • Do you find it hard to find the kinds of items you are after in your area?

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