Sunday Six – 28 Apr 2013

Six interesting articles, images or what-nots I’ve come across on the web this week.

  1. The  most brilliant idea for a Filofax post ever, from Janet Carr @ This Bug’s Life – If Filofax appointed me Overlord for a day. (Found via a Philofaxy post way back in January)
  2. Snailmail Magazine – all kinds of wonderful goodness here, plus it’s online and you can read it for free through your web browser.
  3. K & Company Smash Books – yeah, they’re not new news but I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately 😉
  4. Check out this fantastic printable pocket you can make for your journal. I love that it’s shaped like a mini-folder.
  5. While we’re on pockets – here’s some cute library style pockets made out of old book pages. Such an easy project to make and they look great.
  6. This is just nice. And true.

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