Sunday Six – 28 Oct 2012

Six interesting articles, images or what-nots I’ve come across on the web this week.

  1. Back in May Kaizen Journaling asked its readers: Why do you keep a journal? The reader comments on this post are a must-read on the experiences of other journal keepers.
  2. If you’re a snail mail aficionado then you really need to visit the Letter Writer’s Alliance. While you’re there, sign up to become a member!
  3. Sometimes we all need a little reminder of just how rich our lives are – 10 Reasons You Are Rich from Marc and Angel Hack Life.
  4. Free Planner pages in PDF format from Productive Flourishing. I particularly like the Monthly Action Planner and the Blog Post Planner.
  5. Also from Productive Flourishing, this awesome list of 50+ Better Questions To Ask Than How To Be More Productive.
  6. In the spirit of it being Halloween week, I love this Bat Writing Paper Set by Pivotal Expressions on Made It.

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