Planner Lust …

Filofax Domino Personal Electric Blue - Logo On BackAh, I’m really starting to rue the day I first took a peek at what kinds of A5 Filofax binders were available. I love my Inner-B planer to bits, the diary page layout is absolutely perfect, but just imagining it between the covers of a gorgeous leather binder is driving me to distraction.

Those babies are expensive though – even a secondhand one will set you back quite a few dollars. The odds of finding a great style and colour on sale also seem to be quite slim. I’ve started saving and made a pledge (and got Hubby on board with it too) that if I can complete 10 units of my study course I can investigate purchasing one.

In the meantime, I picked up this cute little Filofax Domino Personal for a couple of dollars the other day and plan on using it as a notebook. I have a lot of note pages from an old Personal size planner that are in need of a home, so this works perfectly. Would love to switch to it as my planner, but after enjoying the wide open spaces of A5 (plus the brilliant layout of my Inner-B Mum Organiser and the absolute ease of adding custom pages) I don’t think I could go back to Personal size.

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