Journaling Resources

Fan Link - AGOJWP 180pxI’ve kept a diary or journal in some form since I was in primary school and have always been interested in journaling as a hobby and as a way to record daily life, express myself or work through things.

These pages are a collection of useful journaling resources I’ve found on my wanders through the online world. It is by no means an exhaustive collection, but should have something for everyone interested in keeping a journal. These pages were originally published at under the title A Goldmine of Journal Writing prompts. See below for a brief history.

Journaling Resources

The page formerly known as A Goldmine of Journal Writing Prompts

Way, way back, when websites related to journaling began to pop up  I started to keep a list of useful online links in an HTML file on my PC. The list became quite long and it seemed a shame not to share such a useful resource, so I looked at options to publish it online. It ended up as a page on the site, titled A Goldmine of Journal Writing Prompts.

That page on Squidoo ran for many years and was quite popular, receiving thousands of visitors each month. In 2014 when Squidoo shut down the page was automatically transferred over to Hubpages, but I was never quite happy with it there. Taking a leap at the start of 2015 I transferred it all back to my own site here at