Neglectful …

Once again I’ve been feeling guilty about neglecting this blog – I have to confess I’m being wooed away by Google+ and Pinterest still …

(If you’re on Google+, my profile is here. Feel free to circle me!)

Today I felt a little extra guilty though as when I checked Box332 there was a gorgeous letter from a new pal waiting. Thanks Courtney for your great letter! Not only was it a great letter, it was wonderful to hear from a real life person who reads my blog and, it turns out that Courtney lives only about 30 minutes away 😉

It’s funny though, it’s not just this blog that I’ve been neglecting. I’ve been in a bit of a letter writing slump of late. A couple of other letter-writing friends have reported a similar problem. How about you? Have you found it harder to sit down and put pen to paper in recent weeks? Any tips to get the snail mail mojo back again?

I’m going with a forced moment of solitude tonight. Have shut myself away in the office with a cool drink, the music on and a small pile of letters to sit down and respond to (including Courtney’s!)


2 thoughts on “Neglectful …

  1. I’ve been in some sort of slump too, but it’s due to college. At the end of this week I hope to be all caught up. I have a pal too that lives close by. We’ve be pen friends for about a year and would love to meet up with her.

  2. Hi Sammie,
    I am so glad you liked my letter! It is a bit weird, this writing to people from their blogs.. However I suppose it is the modern day ‘Letter to the editor’ type of thing. As much as I sometimes think I would love to start my own blog, I feel I am more of a letter writer than a blogger. So for now, I am just going to continue to be brave and write to people from letter writing blogs. At least there will be more postage love for someone out there. 🙂

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