Sunday Six – 25 Nov 2012

Six interesting articles, images or what-nots I’ve come across on the web this week.

  1. Love these Be A Healthier You printable pages from The Project Girl. They’re US letter paper sized, but I printed one out on A5 so it would fit my organiser and it’s perfect!
  2. Would love to make a quilted cover for my moleskine a journal. Checking out these for inspiration: Bloom Journal Cover Tutorial, Sew Me Something Good Patchwork Quilted Journal Cover and right down the bottom of this post from Diary of a Quilter is a cute journal cover, inspired by the All People Quilt tutorial (link to PDF file under the image).
  3. On Pinterest? Check out this great collection of Mail Art pins.
  4. Also discovered via Pinterest, these absolutely gorgeous lavender-filled vintage postcard sachets.
  5. Some printable writing paper – cute Bunny Love paper by tho-be on Deviant Art.
  6. Looking for Christmas themed writing paper? Here’s some winter paper to print from and some beautiful Letters to Santa from A Little Delightful blog.

Personal Journaling Magazine – Writing About Your Life

Does anyone remember this magazine from around 10 years ago?

Personal Journaling: Writing About Your Life was put out by F&W Publications, who also publish Writer’s Digest magazine. From what I could find, it ran from around 1999 to 2003. There was a dedicated website, but it’s long gone. You can still find many of the articles on the Writer’s Digest website tagged with “journal” though.

I have six issues from 2002 and 2003. They’re tired, dog-eared and yellowed with age, but still a very active part of my personal journaling library. Each issue covered a range of journaling related topics – such as writing a journal entry as a letter, or using journal writing to help with changing careers, or how to create a journal group. Other topics included family history journals, couple journals, journal prompts and an awesome article entitled “20 Ways to Fill Page One”. The August 2003 issue has a spotlight article on the 1000 Journal Project.

It was a great little magazine, but I guess the niche topic was too small to keep it in print. I was sad when it was no longer available on the newsstand here. Luckily nowadays there are so many journaling related websites and blogs to fill the niche.

I was just curious if anyone else remembered the magazine?