How do you organise your postcards?

While we’re on the whole organising topic, I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to organise my postcard collection.

Between Postcrossing and Send Something, not to mention holiday cards from friends and pen pals, the number of cards I need to store is fast adding up.

I thought about photo albums, but there’s two problems:

  1. Some of the cards are odd sizes and larger than standard photo album pockets.
  2. I’d like to be able to see the backs of the cards and not hide the stamps and written messages.

How do you store your postcards? In an album? In a storage box?

[Edit: Just saw this post on postcard storage at Postcrossing!]

2 thoughts on “How do you organise your postcards?

  1. I’m currently using photo albums for my postcards, but I’m thinking of doing the same with my postcards as I have with birthday cards, which is to buy a5 size folders from Bigw and punch holes in the postcards and put them in.
    That’s IF I can bring myself to punch holes in them all though. I haven’t thought of any other ideas yet.

    • I should do an update post – you know what I did in the end? I came across a pretty rectangular tin at the shops (I think it had lollies in it) that was roughly large postcard sized and have just popped them in there until I can come up with something better 😉

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