Getting Organised

One of the reasons I’ve been finding spare time hard to come by of late is the incredibly dis-organised state our home is in.

With hubby and I working strange, and what often feels like random, hours plus trying to spend quality time with the short person the housework just never has a chance of getting done. It doesn’t help that we both tend to be pack-rats and aren’t particularly good at being organised even when we’re not busy.

But there is a light on the horizon! Last week I came across the Organised Housewife’s 20 Days To Organise & Clean Your Home and signed up. I figured it couldn’t hurt to get a little help (and motivation) to get things done.

The Challenge kicked off on August 27th with 5 days of Pre-Challenge tasks (essentially getting your cleaning kit and challenge resources ready, plus setting down a few goals and sketching out a morning and evening routine). One of my main goals was getting our home office sorted out. At present my desk is covered in postcards and pens and letter writing supplies and work folders and journals and art supplies and … well, it’s basically covered and there’s no room for my computer or for me to work. Then there’s all the items currently stored in the office because there’s nowhere else in the house for them to go. It all needs to be sorted out, and soon.

Monday of this week was Day 1 of the Challenge and it started with the kitchen. When I get to the end of this first week I’ll post a progress report on how I’m going with it, and whether we’re getting any closer to an organised home or not!

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