Printable A5 Notepaper – Girls Running

Made some new note pages for the my Filofax A5 Domino planner. The image of the girls running came from an ad in a 1920’s newspaper. I printed the pages out on yellow A5 flyer paper (I get Quill Flyer Paper 240 pack in four colours from Officeworks in Australia).


The PDF file contains two A5 pages, so you can print them singly to A5 paper or two to a sheet of A4. Once printed, either use them as-is for notepaper or letter paper, or punch holes to add them to your A5 planner.


Download the Girls Running Notepaper, two pages PDF A5

I’ve put together a Personal planner sized page as well, but have no idea how well it prints. It’s probably best used for printing directly onto personal sized blank pages, but I’m guessing you could probably get three across an A4 page and then cut them. Philofaxy has a great printing tutorial (personal page size is at the bottom). Note that these pages all have the margin on the left, so aren’t meant for printing back to back.

Download the Girls Running Notepaper, two pages PDF Personal

Blog Post Ideas – Printable Sheet

Just a slightly formalised list for keeping track of my blog post ideas.

2013-01-27 22.32.13c

It has a space for the idea, and then three¬†check boxes¬†for marking when the post has been written, when images have been organised and when it’s finally uploaded / posted.

At the top are five prompts that I find can help with generating new ideas.

Download Blog Post Ideas sheet, PDF A5

The PDF contains four pages in A5 size and are meant to be printed back to back (there’s a margin allowance for punching or binding). The first set of two pages are a back to back set with the prompts at the top of the first page. The second set of pages are a back to back set without the prompts.