Let’s talk about blogs – Listmania Week 6

blog_1The Week 6 Listmania prompt:

“List five blogs you love love love (never miss, they always deliver something – what is it?) that you have followed for a while and five blogs that you just discovered in the last 3 months and instantly fell in love with.”

(Listmania at Home Life Simplified)

First off, before I get into my list of fave blogs I’m wondering – how do you like to read your blogs? Do you bookmark them and click to navigate to each one every so often? Do you just keep up with them via Facebook and click through whenever a new blog post link pops up? Or do you use a feedreader to keep track of your blog subscriptions?

I used the Google Reader newsreader for many years and now use Feedly with it (it gives it a lovely magazine-style format). I did give Flipboard a go on my tablet, but didn’t really gel with it.

Starting with 5 blogs that are new to me in the last 3-6 months:

Ice_1Home Life Simplified

Have to start with Deb’s lovely blog, Home Life Simplified.

I started reading it only a couple of months ago. I was on a mission to find good blogs on simplifying and organising the home.

When I found Deb’s blog I immediately subscribed because I found the posts so spot on (posts like this one: The list that reduces my stress instantly and Deb’s latest post: Ask the next question to clear more than clutter).

Then Listmania started and I was completely hooked 🙂


The Fearse Family

I “met” Mama Fearse when we were introduced by a mutual friend in Facebook land. Since then I’ve been reading her Facebook posts, and more recently her blog posts. The Fearse Family blog follows their progress with the “Buy Nothing New” challenge, where they’ve pledged to not buy anything new for the whole of 2013 (aside from a very small list of exemptions – such as food, health related items and so forth).

It’s only month two of the challenge and already they’ve tackled some hard decisions and strained against the confines of their pledge. They’re doing well though and I can’t wait to read more as the year progresses.


Right Brain Planner & The Art Journaler

A serendipitous find, Teresa (aka Stargardener)’s pages The Art Journaler  and Right Brain Planner continually bring me joy.

I regularly feel like I have this messy creative journaling spark inside, locked up behind neatly ruled pages and carefully printed entries. These pages give me hope that one day I’ll have the time and courage and relax enough to let that spark out of it’s cage. They also give me hope that that spark can live happily alongside the neat and measured stuff that also makes me so happy. A lovely balance I hope!

If those last few sentences made sense to you at all then I highly recommend you go and marvel at Teresa’s art work just like I have xx.


What’s In Your Planner?

This one’s not a blog as such, What’s In Your Planner? is a photo pool on Flickr. I read it via rss feed, so as far as I’m concerned it counts as a blog.

Loads and loads (and loads and loads and loads) of planner, diary, organiser eye-candy here. Most posters include a blurb or notes with their photo, so it’s a great place to find clever ideas and tricks others are doing with their planners. Be careful though, there’s a good chance this photo pool will leave you with a bad case of Filofax-envy 😉


Girl Genius Web Comic

Okay, so this one’s a little different in that it’s a web comic. It’s very addictive though.

Each week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday a new page in the Girl Genius comic is released … and I read it as soon as it pops up in my news feed and then desperately wait two, or three, days until the next page is released. It is seriously good. Described by the creators as a “Gas Lamp Fantasy Comic, with Adventure, Romance and Mad Science” – it’s just incredibly awesomely steampunk.

And now 5 blogs that have been favourites for a long time:


Goodnight Little Spoon

I can’t remember when I started reading Bianca’s Goodnight Little Spoon blog, or how I first stumbled across it. I was most likely via a penpally, snail mail type blog / website or possibly even through Etsy when I purchased a copy of her Push The Envelope zine.

What I do know is that I love reading this blog. I love seeing her gorgeous photos of bicycles and cats and adventures around Tasmania. I love hearing about the latest thrift shop finds and art projects. I’ve loved reading about their absolutely perfect and unique wedding, and about how they’re preparing to become parents. This blog is sweet, beautiful and real. I guarantee if you take a look you’ll become as hooked on it as I have.

The Letter Writer’s Alliance

Awesome letter writing and snail mail site, plus you can become a member! If you’re in to any aspect of snail mail then there will be something here to interest you.

I’m most jealous of their letter writing socials – I harbour a {not so} secret goal of getting something similar up and happening here. Far too many really cool things to go into about this site – just go check it out already!!!


The Minimalists

Not the first blog on minimalism / simplifying I started to read, but one that I really enjoy and always find time to keep up with. Lots of great posts (the guys refer to them as “essays”, and they are just that) on topics such as downsizing, simplifying and minimalising your stuff. There’s a strong focus throughout on getting rid of the excess (whether it be stuff, commitments, relationships etc) and focusing on what’s really important.

The guys have also released a heap of ebooks – such as Simplicity: Essays and the latest one A Day in the Life of a Minimalist

I find the site and the ebooks great as regular refreshers for my way of thinking and motivators for me to get up and do something about our current situation (ie. drowning in clutter). Check it out at TheMinimalists.com.


Inspired Wish

I went to school with Jeannie and her blog Inspired Wish is simply AH-MAZ-ING. To steal Jeannie’s own words, “Inspired Wish is a personal style and fashion blog. Filled with inspiration for the curvy plus size woman.”

Now I’m not in to all that girly fashion stuff at all (if you know me you’ll be picturing scruffy hair, no make up, t-shirt, jeans and Doc Martens right about now) but I’m continuously finding brilliant and interesting stuff on Jeannie’s site – stuff like tips on photography and blogging and graphics for your website. Well worth a visit, and a revisit or two too 🙂


Journal Girl

Lots of raw journaling and art at Journal Girl. I can get lost just scrolling through all the wonderfully colourful images.

Lot’s more than just blog posts too – there’s YouTube vids, e-courses, books and so much more. The perfect site for anyone chasing a little art journal inspiration, or who just likes to get lost exploring other people’s creativity.

Your turn?