Glue Blues

I’m having issues with glue. Some of my older journals have pieces coming unstuck and falling out, or worse the glue has turned yellow and discoloured the page.

The main culprit seems to have been a glue tape I was using at the time. I can’t remember what brand it was though, and it doesn’t seem to match the width of any of my current glue tapes. The other guilty party is glue sticks. Sometimes they seem to just dry out and not stick at all.

It’s hard to find something that’s travel friendly AND doesn’t wet the page too much AND dries quickly for when you’re on the go AND sticks well AND doesn’t eventually discolour the page. I think an adhesive that does all these things would be the magical unicorn of glues!

So a question for you: What type of glue do you use in your journal? Why do you like it?

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