The Week 14 Listmania prompt: Music. (Listmania at Home Life Simplified)


Who do I listen to? On any given day you’ll find at least one track from The Cure on my playlist. I could listen to them all day, every day. Along with Concrete Blonde, they’ve provided the soundtrack to my life since I was a teen and still do. If I look back at all the big standout moments of my life their music was there.

See my Top Artists list off for more of my faves (and if you’re on feel free to connect with there – my username is Unstuck_Theory.)

What do I listen on? A couple of years ago I switched from physical CDs to iTunes, and then more recently to the streaming service Spotify.

I find Spotify absolutely brilliant. At first I was a little hesitant about the cost, so signed up for the trial version to see if it was something I would use. It only took a day or two to realise that it was something that really fit my lifestyle so I signed up for their premium plan. If I think of a song I want to listen to, they most likely have it and it only takes a click or two to add it to my play queue.

I’ve also got my current favourite tracks set up in playlists for easy access, as well as a few themed playlists for different moods and tasks – playlists with names like:

  • Motivating – this one’s great for housework 😉
  • Kid Stuff – lots of my son’s favourites from Play School, Giggle and Hoot etc
  • Stargazing – my current miscellaneous mix that I usually listen to while working
  • Curious – fave tracks from my fave band of all time, The Cure.
  • Never Let Go Mix – lots of slow rock, a good one to unwind to on a Sunday arvo
  • This Aint A Mix Tape – one that makes me think of good friends and fun days

I can listen via Spotify on my laptop (which I have hooked up to the stereo for awesome sound) or with headphones on my phone or tablet. My account allows my playlists to follow me from device to device and there’s no mucking around with syncing playlists or transferring tracks to and from devices – it’s all automatic. Brilliant 🙂

Where and when do I listen? 99% of the time, if Hubby’s not home, I’ve got music playing in the house. If Hubby is home, it’s 99% likely that he’ll have the telly on – so I just put my headphones on and keep the tunes playing 😉

When I was working fulltime as a programmer my favourite part of the workday was when I could put my headphones on, hit play and switch the office noise out for a little while. I found the best music to code to was something upbeat with no words, very very few words or non-english words. Trance and dance music worked a treat, as did a lot of world music and groups like Deep Forest and Clannad.

Why do I listen? To escape. To enjoy. To chill out. To be carried away. To get motivated. To keep motivated. To dance – while no-one’s watching! To mirror my soul. To accompany my tears. To know I’m not alone. To fill the space left by silence. To fill my home with a happy sound. To fill my heart with delight.

What are you currently listening to?