Printable A5 Notepaper – Girls Running

Made some new note pages for the my Filofax A5 Domino planner. The image of the girls running came from an ad in a 1920’s newspaper. I printed the pages out on yellow A5 flyer paper (I get Quill Flyer Paper 240 pack in four colours from Officeworks in Australia).


The PDF file contains two A5 pages, so you can print them singly to A5 paper or two to a sheet of A4. Once printed, either use them as-is for notepaper or letter paper, or punch holes to add them to your A5 planner.


Download the Girls Running Notepaper, two pages PDF A5

I’ve put together a Personal planner sized page as well, but have no idea how well it prints. It’s probably best used for printing directly onto personal sized blank pages, but I’m guessing you could probably get three across an A4 page and then cut them. Philofaxy has a great printing tutorial (personal page size is at the bottom). Note that these pages all have the margin on the left, so aren’t meant for printing back to back.

Download the Girls Running Notepaper, two pages PDF Personal

Drooling over this craft punch from WRMK

Is it just me, or is this new card punch from We R Memory Keepers an absolutely fantastic idea?

We R Memory Keepers 3x4 Card Punch

I know it’s meant to make it easy to create 3″ x 4″ cards to add to a memory book (such as Albums Made Easy or Project Life), but I just see a brilliant way to make perfect additions for my plain old notebook journal. No more sweating over whether the paper cutter is perfectly lined up or realising after I’ve glued things down that I’ve cut a subtle rhombus shape rather than a rectangle.

It’s not due out until sometime around June 2013, and the indicated prices I’ve seen so far put it up around the $30 USD mark, but this one’s definitely going on my wish list.

(Click the image for further information on the punch.)

The Hole Punch Dilemma

As soon as you acquire any kind of ring binder, whether a Filofax-style organiser or a standard 2 ring A4 folder, the issue of how to punch holes in paper comes up.

With the standard 2 ring binder it’s easy – you can pick up a 2 hole punch at just about any store that stocks stationery. Even the supermarkets here sell a variety of them, including the handy flat ones that you can slip over the rings of the folder and always have on hand.

2 Hole Punches

So, I’ve been drooling over a 6-hole punch to fit my organiser. It needed to punch holes with the Filofax A5 sizing. There’s quite a few to choose from, but they all seem so expensive. Even the cheaper ones come with a hefty postage cost. There’s also the issue of quality to take into account. From reviews it seems that some are just not that flash at their job and I’m not keen on spending the money to buy one only to find it’s not as whizzbang as I expected.

Then there’s the whole deal about trying to cut down on our “stuff”, both as a means of decluttering the house and to save some dollars for a future family adventure. That got me thinking, do I really need a dedicated punch for this task? I mean really, how often do I actually punch a page to insert into my organiser? What would my cost per use work out at?

Ha ha, if you know me you’d know I have already run the figures. I punch around 5-10 pages a week, and usually all in the one sitting. If I bought the punch with the best reviews and a fairly reasonable price point that would work out at around 9 cents per hole punched. Hmmm. With those stats, I think I’m much better sticking with this little fellow and my current punching method than spending more money.

Awesome mini punchA5 Notepaper

Mark where to punch the holes

Flip the punch to make lining up easier

Punched holes

Task complete!