Plus Layout Builder App

And now for something completely different – not exactly paperbased, but I guess you could use it for designing tiled collage layouts … maybe ūüėČ

UPDATE: Web version available now too! Plus Layout Builder Web Version.

After four frustrating days¬†battling a bad headache it finally lifted today and left me with a yearning to cut some code. I’d been¬†playing around with an idea for a new crochet afghan. I wanted it to be solid colour granny squares laid out in an interlocking plus or cross pattern. The hassle was working out a suitably random layout.

And so this little app was born.


It’s super simple. Just put in the number of rows and columns required (maximum of 40 rows and 30 columns) and how many colours you’d like to use (minimum of 5, maximum of 15). Hit the Go button and it will generate a random layout for you.

This version is very very very very very basic. Just enough to generate the layout. There’s no way to save a layout, or print at present – although you can take a screen capture when you come across a layout you like.

Download the Plus Layout Builder zip file here РWindows application, tested on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.

UPDATE: Web version available now too, and you can print your layout directly from the webpage (you might need to fiddle with the print dialog settings to show background images so that it will print the colours, otherwise you get a nice b&w numbered grid). Check it out here: Plus Layout Builder Web Version.

App is provided as-is for personal use only. Please don’t link directly to the download file, link to this webpage instead. And please don’t download to sell or distribute elsewhere.


Printable A5 Notepaper – Girls Running

Made some new note pages for the my Filofax A5 Domino planner. The image of the girls running came from an ad in a 1920’s newspaper. I printed the pages out on yellow A5 flyer paper (I get Quill Flyer Paper 240 pack in four colours from Officeworks in Australia).


The PDF file contains two A5 pages, so you can print them singly to A5 paper or two to a sheet of A4. Once printed, either use them as-is for notepaper or letter paper, or punch holes to add them to your A5 planner.


Download the Girls Running Notepaper, two pages PDF A5

I’ve put together a Personal planner sized page as well, but have no idea how well it prints. It’s probably best used for printing directly onto personal sized blank pages, but I’m guessing you could probably get three across an A4 page and then cut them. Philofaxy has a great printing tutorial (personal page size is at the bottom). Note that these pages all have the margin on the left, so aren’t meant for printing back to back.

Download the Girls Running Notepaper, two pages PDF Personal